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''base four squared''

[[Image:Base_conversion_table.png|800px|Conversion Table for binary, base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;/sub&gt; and base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;&lt;/sub&gt;]]

The key concept in base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;&lt;/sub&gt; is that base&lt;sub&gt;16&lt;/sub&gt; digits are constructed from base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;/sub&gt; symbols. Once you learn the symbols and basic maths in base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;/sub&gt; you can quickly reconstruct base&lt;sub&gt;16&lt;/sub&gt; numbers and their mental calculation tables. Base42 uses a unique set of glyphs and sounds so that it can coexist peacefully with the base&lt;sub&gt;10&lt;/sub&gt; representation in your head. '''Note:''' ''&quot;base42&quot; is used without sub/super scripts for more readable inline text.''


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* [[Base4| '''base&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;/sub&gt; for computer/embedded engineers.''']]
So what do you think about base42?
Clearly better, I'm going to learn it and tell my friends.
Interesting, might mess with it a bit but won't tell anyone.
You're crazy, hope you get help soon.

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The wikipedia douglas adams &quot;42&quot; article has some interesting ideas about bases and the [ number 42].

If you came to this page after searching for information on hexadecimal, stick around and check things out. The [[Conversion| converter program will convert real numbers]] (instead of just integers) to and from hexadecimal.</rev>