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What the heck is base42?

Base4 Symbols
Base16 Symbols

Base42 is a base16 (or hexadecimal) positional numeral system constructed from base4 primatives.

We have established unique symbols and names for each digit. There are a couple reasons for this. First, because it is intended that base42 be used alongside base10 for mental calculations, we wanted to avoid trying to map the same symbol to multiple concepts. For instance, using the decimal digits for hexadecimal means that 10 can mean "ten things" or 10 can mean "16 things". Secondly, using newly constructed symbols let's us choose base4 symbols that can be combined to form base 15 symbols. This is handy when you need to reconstruct any forgotten portions of the base16 mental calculations.

The Symbols and their rationale.



Pronunciation is presently by sequential utterance of each digit.

Proposed is to intercede the two least significant digits with "k". So instead of "doso dola" one would say "dosok dola".

Scientific notation is preferred with the international standard prefixes being used.

Ordinals have not been considered yet.


The story of how this started.